• School Closings/Delays: The Lincoln Park Schools will have a two hour delayed opening today, February 21st. The AM preschool is cancelled.
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LPES Staff Directory


Ale-Hajtovik, Elena First Grade hajtovik@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Amoruso, Janet Resource Center amoruso@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Arnold, Colleen Second Grade arnold@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Bambach, Christian Third Grade bambach@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Bammer, Melissa Principal bammer@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Bastedo, Jennifer ESL bastedo@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Bell, Kristin Fourth Grade kbell@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Brown, Lisa Second  Grade brown@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Calandrillo, Anna Mae BSI/LAL calandrillo@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Capozzi, Danielle Special Education capozzi@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Cifelli,Kelli Nurse cifelli@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Cook, Joshua Special Education jcook@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Cotsopoulos, Cassandra Second Grade cotsopoulos@lincpk.com Teacher Page
D'Amelio, Tracey Speech D'Amelio@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Davidson, Katie First Grade davidson@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Deady, Jaclyn First Grade deady@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Del Vescovo, Rosemarie Media Specialist delvescovo@lincpk.com Teacher Page
DeVito, Gina Third Grade devito@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Dugan, Jennifer Special Education dugan@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Ficker, Kerry Secretary ficker@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Foster, Ford ES Music foster@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Gabel, Karen Fourth Grade gabel@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Giannaci, Dana Kindergarten giannaci@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Gold, Nicolette Fourth Grade gold@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Gomes, Linda Kindergarten gomes@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Hanly, Jennifer Third Grade hanly@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Heftler, Jackie Guidance heftler@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Iapoce, Suzanne Computers iapoce@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Kerwin, Carolyn Kindergarten kerwin@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Leck, Kristen Special Education kleck@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Lee, Cheryl Fourth Grade lee@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Lopez, Emily Special Education lopez@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Monteleone, Cherie Second Grade monteleone@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Moore, Emily Art moore@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Moore, Samantha BSI smoore@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Morgan, Laura Resource Center morgan@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Plesh, Cathy Third Grade plesh@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Pohlman, Amy Kindergarten pohlman@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Polizzi, Allison First Grade  polizzi@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Reilly, Lauren Special Education lreilly@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Roller, Cindy Kindergarten roller@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Shorter, Nanci Speech shorter@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Sorrentino, Nancy School Secretary nsorrentino@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Stanisci, Sharon Second Grade stanisci@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Toppeta, Jimmy Physical Education toppeta@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Van Kalsbeck, Barbara Resource Center vankalsbeck@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Volpe, Jennifer Resource Center volpe@lincpk.com Teacher Page
von Recklinghausen, Alexandra Spanish vonrecklinghausen@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Williams, Katelyn Third Grade williams@lincpk.com Teacher Page
Zeppetelli, Whitney Fourth Grade zeppetelli@lincpk.com Teacher Page