District Administration

Last Updated: 7/27/2022 5:27 PM


Lincoln Park Board of Education 
92 Ryerson Road, Lincoln Park, New Jersey 07035
Phone: 973-696-5500 Fax: 973-696-9273

The Board of Education Office is composed of the district leadership for all matters regarding Lincoln Park Schools.  The Superintendent's Office is headed by Mr. Michael Meyer.  Mr. Meyer handles all issues related to the educational program, residency concerns, and personnel.  The private industry equivalent of the Superintendent of Schools would be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Superintendent of Schools                                                Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 
Michael Meyer                                                                      Kimberly Florit
meyer@lincpk.com                                                               florit@lincpk.com 

The Business Office is headed by Mrs. Nicole C. Schoening. Mrs. Schoening is the private industry equivalent of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and handles all issues related to finance, maintenance, buildings and grounds, and transportation. The Board of Education Office of Lincoln Park Schools is located at the left rear of Lincoln Park Middle School.

School Business Administrator/Board Secretary           Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator
Nicole C. Schoening                                                             Nicole Hughes
schoening@lincpk.com                                                         hughes@lincpk.com


Lincoln Park Special Services                                          Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Wendy Billig, Director                                                           Ann Marie VanSickle
billig@lincpk.com                                                                 vansickle@lincpk.com
274 Pine Brook Road                                                           274 Pine Brook Road
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035                                                        Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
973-696-9150                                                                       973-696-5530


Lincoln Park Elementary School                                      Lincoln Park Middle School
Melissa Flach-Bammer, Principal                                         David Winston, Principal
bammer@lincpk.com                                                           winston@lincpk.com
274 Pine Brook Road                                                           90 Ryerson Road
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035                                                        Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
973-696-5530                                                                       973-696-5510