Open Registration

Forms and Links Last Updated: 7/10/2020 7:46 PM

Lincoln Park Public Schools


Online Student Registration Information


The Lincoln Park School District is implementing a no-contact online registration process using our Genesis student information system. You will be entering student information and uploading completed forms into the Genesis Open Registration portal. Here is the link:


 Online Student Registration  Click this link only after you have read all of the instructions on this page. THE REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL ALL REQUIRED FORMS ARE UPLOADED.


Student Registration Form(this is not to be uploaded but can be used for reference as you gather the information you will need to enter into the online form)


The majority of the information will be entered directly into the portal. You may not need every form so please read the instructions carefully.


The following forms are to be used to register your child. These forms need to be downloaded, filled out and uploaded into the Genesis Online Registration Portal. The forms are in PDF format – you may fill them out either by downloading, printing and handwriting, or by downloading and filling them out on the computer using a program like Adobe Reader DC or Preview.  Once they are filled out you may either upload a picture or scan of the completed form or the completed form itself.           

Release/Request for Student Records (required):

Medical Forms (required):

  • Immunization/Physical Records for PreK – 8th Grade (required unless your 6th to 8th grade child wishes to participate in extracurricular sports - then use Athletic form)



Request for Transportation (if you live within 2 miles of your child’s school you may not be eligible for courtesy busing)


McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Affidavit


The following documents are required to be uploaded but are not forms we provide:


Birth Certificate (required)


Proof of Kindergarten (required for Gr 1 only)


Deed, mortgage statement, tax bill or lease (if you are unable to provide one of these please call (973) 696-5500 to schedule an appointment with the Superintendent) (required)


Two (2) other proofs of residency (driver’s license, utility bills, insurance statements, etc…) (required)