Block 4 and 6 (Advanced Math)  


The 7th grade Advanced math class will focus on formulating reason about and understanding:

  • operaitons with rational numbers
  • ratio and proportional relationships
  • equivalent expressions and solving multi step equations 
  • geometric construction and surface area and volume of 2D and 3D shapes
  • drawing inferences about populations based on samples.
  • the Pythagorean Theorem
  • the distance and angle relationships
  • Daily Materials
    1. Pencils ONLY for Quizzes and Tests
    2. Pencil/pen for taking notes
    3. Notebook
    4. ** Once iPad is assigned to you, please make sure it is fully charged
  • Marking Period Grade

    Please utilize Genesis to check your progress in my class!  Be proactive and come for extra help if you are not clear on certain topics.

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  • The week of March 30 to April 3

    Weekly Warm UP QUIZ : From Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you will receive a google from for your weekly warm up for the day.  4 to 5 problems.  Google form will check your answers and give explanations for each problem.  You will automatically receive the result in your gmail account.  This portion of work will be counted as 25 HW points each warm up.  100 points for the weekly warm up.  It is graded upon completion.

    Every Friday, instead of quiz on paper, you will receive a google form, "Friday Chat", on this week's warm ups.   HOWEVER, this Friday is LPMS link up day, so "Friday Chat" will be given on Thursday and  graded upon the points you earn as a quiz grade.  Extra 5 points will be given if you participate Minute to Win it challenge.  The winner of all will get 10 extra points.  The rules and requirements will be posted on google classroom every Friday.

    The hard copy of Weekly Warm up is under the folder "The week of March 30 to April 3" at the right.

    Stage 11 - 1 iReady Lesson  Due on Friday, April 3. No notes is required, but it will be extra 5 points on top of your score.  Please take a picture of your notes, and attach it through google classroom.  

    A Google Form for Stage 11 - iReady lesson is posted on Google classroom.  Please as usual, always fill out the name of the lesson you complete and the score.

    This week's homework:

    (Homework assignments are subject to change according to the class pace.)

    Monday Classwork:  

    1. Monday Weekly Warm up: Google Form

    2. Work on Theoretical and Experimental probabilities worksheet

    Tuesday Classwork:  

    1. Tuesday Weekly Warm up: Google Form

    2. Math Adventure in your Kitchen: Either google doc or short video on finding different combinations menu.  (posted on google classroom)

    Wednesday Classwork

    1. Wednesday Weekly Warm up: Google Form

    2. Quizizz on Theoretical and Experimental probability (as many times as you need)

    Thursday Classwork

    1. No quiz.

    2. work on iReady/any missing assignments

    Friday Classwork

    LPMS Link-up Day



    This week's lessons:

    Probability and Likelihood

    Theoretical probability vs Experimental probability

    Assign On: 3/28/2020
    Due: 4/11/2020
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