Persuasive Writing Guide


Sentence one: Hook

     "Imagine if..." or question

Sentence two:  State the situation

      Take the wording from the prompt  "Recently, it has been debated if"

Sentence three:  Thesis

      "Arguably + point of view + list three reasons


Body Paragraph Structure (repeat three times)

Sentence one:  State the reason

      Start with a transitional phrase!  "The first reason..."

Sentence two: Explain the reason

Sentence three: Give an example to convince the reader

Sentence four: Explain why the example supports your reason

Sentence five: Transition to your next reason


Counter argument

Sentence one: Introduce the other side

      Some people believe...

Sentence two:  Explain why they believe this

Sentence three:  Refute their claim; prove it wrong!



Sentence one: Restant your theis in other words

Sentence two:  Summarize your reasons in other words

Sentence three: Call to action