Persuasive Essay Example


Persuasive Introduction

    (1) Imagine if an elephant started having anxiety because she was separated from her babies. (2) Recently is has been debated if animals should be kept in zoos.  (3)  Arguably, animals should not be kept in zoos because animals can develop anxiety from being confined and isolated from their family, lose their natural instincts, and zoos can interfere with their natural habitats. 



Alternate First Sentence:

Why do people visit zoos if animals suffer?



Persuasive Body Paragraphs

    (1) The first reason that animals should not be kept in zoos is that they lose their natural instincts.  (2) The animals will lose their natural instincts because zoo workers provide them with everything that they need to survive. (3) To illustrate this reason, lions in a zoo do not have to hunt because they are given meat. (4) If these lions were put back in the wild, they would not survive because they would have lost basic skills.  (5) Along with a loss of natural instincts, animals kept in zoos many develop anxiety.