RACES: Answering Open Constructed Responses

RACES is an acronym that students should remind themselves of when answering an open constructed response question.  A RACES response is one paragraph long.

R stands for RESTATE

- Rework the question to make a statement; include the title and author's name.  Use the same language that has been used in the question

A stands for ANSWER

- Answer the question simply without a "because" explanation.

C stands for CITE EVIDENCE

- Using textual support, prove your answer.   Depending on the complexity of the question, this step can take anywhere from 2-6 sentences.

E stands for EXPLAIN

- Explain why/how the information you've selected as your support connects to the answer. 

S stands for SUMMARIZE

- Summarize your response in a concise statement, using different language than the rest of the response.


Other thoughts! 

*Use transitional phrases.

*It can be appropriate to use a quote from the text in the response.  If a quote is used, quotation marks and a page number should be supplied.