Unit 4 Weekly Vocabulary Words

Week 1:  Weslandia

blunders: stupid mistakes

civilization: the ways of living of a people or nation

complex: made up of a number of parts; hard to understand

envy: feeling of discontent because another person has what you want

fleeing: to be running away

inspired: to be filled with a thought or feeling; influenced

rustling: causing a light, soft sound of things gently rubbing together

strategy: the skillful planning and management of anything


Week 2:  Tripping Over the Lunch Lady

Dalmatian:  a dog that has a white coat with black or brown spots

frilly: clothing that has ruffles

promenading: to be walking for show

sprained: to be injured by a sudden twist

substitute: a person or thing taking the place of another


Week 3: Exploding Ants

critical: extremely important

enables: makes someone or something able to do an action

mucus: slimy substance produced in the nose and throat to moisten and protect

scarce: hard to get; rare

specialize: to do one thing extremely well

sterile: free from bacteria and other laving things; totally clean


Week 4:  The Stormi Giovanni Club

cavities:  holes or hollow places, especially in teeth

combination: a series of numbers used in opening a lock

demonstrates: shows

episode: a story that is one in a series

profile: a level or degree of noticeability


Week 5:  The Gymnast

bluish:  somewhat blue

cartwheels:  sideways handsprings with the legs and arms kept straight

gymnastics: a sport in which very difficult exercises are performed

hesitation: the act of holding back because of doubt

limelight: the center of public attention and interest

skidded: slipped or slid sideways while moving

somersault: to run or jump, turning the heels over the head

throbbing: beating rapidly or strongly

wincing: drawing back suddenly