Jigsaw Activity

Jigsaw Activity


Meet with the group of people that share the same letter as you.

Decide which activity below each person will do. Have someone record it.

Now, meet with the other people who share the same project number as you.

Write three questions that you want to find the answers to regarding your project. Make sure that you take notes and cite where you got the info. You should try to get a total of three sources. ( Not Wikipedia). Create a Works Cited page to show where your sources are from.

Combine your info. in a format that you will share with your classmates. You can create a poster, Prezi, power point, etc.

Completed project Due Wed, 12/23

On Mon, 1/4, you will return to your original group and share the information that you learned about the topic. ( The due date is subject to change.)

You will be graded on your presentation and the creation  of a Works Cited page.


Refer to the link below for the MLA basics





1.Cultural etiquette- mention a few countries, but make sure that you mention China. Include greetings.

  1. Dancing en pointe

3.Chinese Foot binding

4. Laurence Yep or Images of Beauty in Different Cultures

5. “The Little Mermaid”- Hans Christian Andersen and other variations