Research Project

“The old man carefully took off the plastic and unfolded it. He revealed some yellowed

newspaper clippings and a battered harmonica.”


From The Treasure of Lemon Brown

by Walter Dean Myers


What’s Your Treasure?


Research Project

Due Date: 

by the end of class



 You will be choosing an object that is special to you and/or your family. For example, you could choose a harmonica, a piano, ballet slippers, an antique vase,  grandma’s handmade quilt, an old hammer, a photograph etc.  Please take a picture of your treasure and bring it in.


The project will be broken into several parts.

Paper minimum-  a minimum of 3 typed pages/ double spaced/ 12 pt font ( does not include Works Cited)


Report Outline:

  1. Introduce the object ( will look like an explanatory essay)
  1. Introductory paragraph – hook, prompt, and identify the treasure in your thesis statement)
  2. Body Paragraphs

Description of the object

                           Who it belongs to and/or Why it’s special to your family

  1. Research -Using 3 or more sources discuss the historical importance/background of the object


  1. Closing
    1. Why/how the research makes the object even more special or important to you


  1. Works Cited- document your sources using MLA format








  1. The paper will be graded using the NJ 6pt Holistic Writing Rubric. It will count as two test grades.



  1. MLA/Works cited rubric- will count as a quiz grade




25 pts -                Excellent

15 pts - 


10 pts - Below Basic

5 pt -                  Far Below Basic



12 pt. font,

Times New Roman, double spaced, hanging indent,

1" margins,

header w/ pagination, and "Works Cited" centered

_1__ element missing or incorrectly done

__2_elements missing or incorrectly done

__3_ or more elements missing or incorrectly done


Sequencing of Cited Sources

Entries are placed in alphabetical order

1 entry is not placed in alphabetical order

2 entries are not placed in alphabetical order

3 or more entries are not placed in alphabetical order


Capitalization & Punctuation

No errors in capitalization or punctuation, so the cited source is exceptionally easy to read

­­few  errors in capitalization or punctuation, but the cited source is still easy to read

Some errors in capitalization or punctuation that catch the reader's attention and interrupt the flow.

Many errors in capitalization or punctuation that catch the reader's attention and greatly interrupt the flow.








Variety of Sources

Works cited includes a variety of sources .


3 or more sources

Works cited includes at least _3__ different sources

Works cited includes at least __2_ different sources

Works cited includes __1_ or less different sources



Parent's Signature -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( 5 points).


Extra Credit- Presentation Rubric- will count as a test grade for the third marking period

Sign up for a date to present 2/21 or 2/22.




Points Available out of 100

Points Earned/Comments

Discusses  details from both parts of the paper




 Visual Aid

Picture,power point,etc.




loud and clear




Prepared-  doesn’t read from the report




eye contact








Extra points or deductions:             




What’s My Treasure?- Research Project

( This is only a guide. You can add paragraphs. You can change the focus of paragraphs)

I.Introductory Paragraph- Hook, Prompt, Thesis ( Identify your treasure)



II.  Describe your treasure. Do more showing than telling.



III. Explain how you got your treasure.



IV. Transitional Paragraph- You will transition to your research.



V. Research about some aspect of your treasure.



VI. Research about your treasure ( cont’d).




VII. Concluding Paragraph- Restate thesis and discuss how your treasure has more meaning to you now.