December Writing Grid

 December -Writing Topic Grid

( Remember  if 100% of your class turns in the grid for weeks 1 and 2, your class will not be required to complete week 3).


Week 1 ( Due 12/5)

Brrr, it’s chilly out! Write

about some ways you warm

up after being out on a cold



If you wanted to travel to

the North Pole, write a

descriptive paragraph of

how you would get there

and what it would look like.


What is a gift that you could

give someone this holiday

season without spending any





Week 2 ( Due 12/12)


An old quote says that “it is

better to give than to

receive.” What do you think

that means? Do you agree?


There are many holidays

that people celebrate this

season. What holiday do

you celebrate? Describe

some ways you celebrate.


What is one gift that you

made/bought for someone

else that you couldn’t wait

to give to them? Who did

you give it to? How did they



Holidays are a time to spend

with family. Who are some

of the family members that

you will be spending time



Week 3 ( Due 12/19)


What is your favorite part

of the holidays? For

example, is it the food/





Can you list the names of

Santa’s reindeer? Try to list

them all! (HINT: there are



Does your family decorate

for the holidays? Describe

some of the decorations.


Week 4


Which of these winter sports

is your favorite: skiing,

sledding, ice skating, ice

hockey, snowmobiling?


What are some activities you

enjoy doing in the snow?


If the weather forecast

predicted a blizzard, what

are some ways you should

prepare for it?


Write a journal entry about

your day as if you were a