Homework Philosophy

Homework is a very important element of your child’s success. The assignments given are reinforcements of what was learned earlier in the day. On that note, it is my personal policy only to give homework that I believe your child is prepared for and will have success at home. I will never give homework on a topic that was not covered in my class. There will be times that the work may require an extra effort or assistance; however, it will still be within their academic level. It is encouraged for this process to be successful, that you help your child when assistance is needed or just look it over to make sure it was completed. If we all work together, it will increase the likelihood of your child’s success.

Stress Free Option

When I assign homework, it is just a way to reinforce what was learned earlier that day. It is not to make you or your child’s life more stressful. Therefore, if for any reason your child hits, “A stressful moment” or you feel that your child has worked to his or her capacity, then just stop. At that moment, just write me a letter explaining what happened and there will be NO consequences given or any homework grade reduction the next morning. If it happens often, I will call you and we can discuss modifications to the homework. Typically, the homework should take no longer than 30-40 minutes. (Spelling, Language Arts and Math). Studying for test or quizzes may take longer.