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            For our next project we will be building and flying airplanes.  When we build them our goal will be to build an airplane that can fly for the longest period of time.  Before we begin building and experimenting you need some background information (Identify the Problem).  Please answer the following questions and provide as much information as possible.


1.  First identify and define the four forces of flight.  Label the picture below.



2.  Identify and list the three movements of a plane.  Explain how the plane makes these movements. 




3.  Name the control surfaces of a plane.  Explain how they control the plane.




4.  List the 3 Laws of motion?




5.  Who was Daniel Bernoulli?  Explain how does his work contribute to the physics of flight?  




6.  Explain how an airplane’s wing provides lift?  Sketch a diagram to help explain your answer.





7.  What is the shortest distance between two points?




8.  Brainstorm (List, sketch) things that may help an airplane stay in the air for an extended period of time.






9.  Research paper airplane designs. 


10.  Make/Build a paper airplane, out of a sheet a printer paper, that you think will stay in the air for the longest time possible.


11.  With teacher permission, throw your paper airplane and use a stopwatch or iPad to time how long it stays in flight.  Record an observation about the flight and record the time in the air.


12.  Make a modification.  Record what modification was made?  Repeat step 11 then step 12 (Do this three times).


13. Explain what modifications worked or did not work.  Explain why?  If all modifications worked, which modification provided the greatest increase in flight time?