Theme 4 Spelling Words


ballet, banana, banquet, barbeque, buffet, canyon, cobra, hula, karate, khaki, kiosk, koala, macaroni, polka, safari, stampede, tomato, vanilla, waltz, yogurt,

Challenge words:







Tripping Over the Lunch Lady

outfield, outlet, output, overboard, overcast, overlook, overtime, subdivision, subhead, submarine, subset, subway, supermarket, supernatural, supersonic, superstar, undercover, undercurrent, underground, underline


Exploding Ants

allowed, aloud, cent, scent, sent, chili, chilly, coarse, course, pail, pale, their, there, they're, threw, through, tide, tied, weather, whether


The Stormi Giovanni Club

agreeable, allowable, available, breakable, convertible, divisible, fashionable, favorable, flexible, forgettable, hospitable, laughable, reasonable, responsible, reversible, sensible, sociable, tolerable, valuable, washable


The Gymnast

illegal, illiterate, illogical, immature, immobile, impatient, imperfect, impolite, impossible, inactive, inappropriate, incorrect, indefinite, independent, inexpsensive, informal, invisible, irregular, irresistible, irresponsible