Number the Stars Vocabulary Choices and Word Lists

1. *Write a short story using at least 10 of your vocabulary words. Please underline or highlights the word you used.

2. Write all of the list words three times each

3. ** Write your words in sentences of at least 7 words long (Only one word per sentence)

4. Create a word search of your vocabulary words using graph paper or Have someone at home solve it.

5. **Write short definitions for each word. Use a dictionary or online tool to help.

6. Alphabetize your words for the week.

7. **Write silly sentences for 12 od your words. Your sentences must make sentences must silly sense even if they sound silly.

Ex: visit: Vincent is still interviewing tigers.

8.** Choose 12 words to use as a part of figure of speech, like simile, metaphor or personification.

Ex: Simile------ He is a busy as a bee (busy)

Metaphor---Computers are vehicles of tomorrow (vehicle)

Personification----Wins whisper to me as the storm rolls in. (whisper)

9. On a piece of paper, divide it into 4 parts. Write 


Week 1 Words: Chapters 1-4

lanky, sabtoge, Nazi, neighborhood, exasperated, Copehagen, scurried, resistance fighter, sarcastically, scoffed, exaggerating, anxiously, intricate, swatika, belligerently, recognized, halte, trousseau, rationed, synagogue


Week 2: Chapters 5-8

dramatically, embriodered, tentatively, meadow, exist, holster, Star of David, pranced, relocate, pleasure, desperately, clutched, apparently, personalities, scampering, photograph, suspicious, surrounded, casket, twinkling


Week 3: Chapters 9-13

rhythm, expression, staccato, psalm, despite, adjusting, reluctantly, explanation, pleading, murmur, affectionately, elderly, typhus, protruding, recognize, mourning, gasped, diseased, Godspeed, approach


Week 4:  Chapters 14-end

garments, herring, gestured, anthem, deprivation, handkerchief, chattering, quavering, devastating, surrendered, brusque, exasperated, hesitated, executed, determination, tantalize, segment, courageous, rejoicing, sacrifices