Students are responsible for the information that is covered daily in their classes. Once a topic has been covered, students are required to continue reviewing the learned information. At any time after presenting the concepts, a formal assessment may be used to evaluate student understanding of the covered material.


If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to inquire about any missed in-class assignments, homework, notes, and/or quizzes and tests.

Parent Involvement = Student Success

Why Get Involved?

Research reveals many benefits when parents are involved in their child's education including:

-Higher grades and test scores

-Better attitudes and behavior

-Better school attendance

-More homework completed

-Greater likelihood of graduating from high school

-Better chance of enrolling in postsecondary education


Showing interest in your child's education, setting high expectations for achievement and letting your child know you believe in his or her abilities sets a positive context for growth and achievement


How Do I Get Involved?

Make school important.


You can reinforce the importance of school if you:

-Speak positively about your child's teachers and counselors

-Talk to your child about the benefits of education

-Make sure your child gets to school on time

-Attend open-houses and conferences

-Answer notes and calls from your child's teacher


Encourage reading and writing

You can help your child perform better at school if you:

-Keep books, magazines, and newspapers at home

-Take your child to the library

-Discuss what your child reads

-Encourage your child to write notes to grandparents and other relatives

-Suggest that your child keep a journal


Teachable Moments

You can turn ordinary time together into teachable moments if you:

-Use car time to talk to your child (about what you see from the car, about his or her day, about your day)

-Plan to eat at least one meal each day as a family and use the time for positive family discussions

-Let your child help prepare the meal and talk about each step

-Look for things to do together as a family