This year students will need to be responsible for their own schedule of specials, as each students' schedule is unique.


Specials will change on cycles (marking periods.)


On the first day of school, your child learned which special they had this cycle. The specials will change when a new marking period arrives.


Please note, whether it be an A day or B day- check with your child- students will have gym every other day and should dress accordingly.


With this new schedule, there is bound to be some confusion amongst students. Have your child see me with any questions.


Example of Cycles


Student: John Doe



A- Day: Music

B-Day: Gym

A-Day: Music etc.



A-Day: Computer

B-Day: Gym

A-Day Computer etc.



A- Day: Art

B-Day: Gym

A-Day: Art etc.



A-Day: French

B-Day: Gym

A-Day: French etc.