Homework Policy


Homework is meant to reinforce skills and concepts learned during the school day.


Homework is given every night but Friday, unless there is a long-term project or if an assignment has not been completed and needs to be made up.


Homework is to be completed each night and returned to school the following day.


Homework is checked on a regular basis and graded as part of the student’s subject grade.


Students who complete all of their homework and display it on their desktop in the morning, will receive a point

Points may be used to purchase lottery tickets for classroom prizes, homework passes, and various other privilege passes.



1st missing- Oops

2nd missing-Oops (really think about getting it together)

3rd missing- parents are contacted

4th missing- lunch detention

5th missing- after school detention

6th and beyond missing- student is required to stay for academic assistance on a weekly basis unil the end of the marking period