Spice Up Your Writing

When writing a speculative essay, be sure to include the following... 

1. Beginning 
2. Ending 
3. Compound Sentences (,and ,or ,but) 
4. Listing 
5. Figurative Language (24-7, easy as pie, piece of cake) 
6. Prefixes (re-, un-) 
Suffix (-less, -tion, -ful, - ness) 
7. Fact/ Opinion (It is a fact that..., but it is my opinion...) 
8. Exclamation (only one) 
9. Question (ask a rhetorical question: a question that usually doesn't need an answer) 
10. Transition Words (First, Next, Then, Finally, Also, On the other hand, In addition,) 
11. Direct Quotation (only two or three... Remember this is the hot sauce) 

Keep these hints in mind when writing... 
"A little bit of this, and a little bit of that!"