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Multiplication Helpers

1.  Use the traditional flash cards to play a game of Sparkle, multiplication style.


2.  Students roll two dice, and then multiply the 2 numbers they rolled together.


3.  Create a memory game–one card contains the factors, the other contains the product.


4.  Dominoes-students draw a domino that is face down.  They multiply the dots on either side of the domino together.


5.  Number Draw-no materials needed except your fingers!

Partners put hands behind their backs

On the count of three, partners draw and show fingers.

The first person to say the product of the fingers shown wins the draw.

  • Variations
  • Students use only use one hand, where the largest product would be 25.
  • Students use both hands, where the largest product would be 100.
  • Find the sum.
  • Find the difference.
  • Is the sum, difference, or product even or odd?
  • Is the sum, difference, or product prime or composite?

6.  Multiplication War with a deck of cards.  Students each draw two cards, then multiply them together.  The student with the largest product wins the round.


7.  Multiples pyramid-students practice writing the first 12 multiples (or amount of your choice) for a given number.

multiples pyramid