Homework will be given each night, Monday-Thursday.  The weekly homework routine is as follows:                                

  • Read 15 minutes each night (Reading calendars should be filled in each night and handed in each Friday to be checked).
  • Spelling (Monday-3xeach, Tuesday-worksheet, Wednesday-worksheet, Thursday-Study for Friday's test)
  • Reading Practice Worksheet (Thursday night only-to prepare for Friday's reading test)
  • Math-Worksheet that reviews what the children learned in their daily lesson

**All homework should be completed each night and handed in the following day.  All homework should be completed by the student with minimal parental assistance.  If your child has difficulty with any assignment, please let me know through email or by sending a note to school. 

**Any homework assignments that are not handed in will be expected to be made up during recess time or will be sent home to be completed.