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Positive Reinforcement for Behavior

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School Store

We all like to be rewarded for a job well done.  That being said, this year your child will be able to earn “money” in their savings book when they demonstrate positive behavior, and/or good work ethic.  Your child will get “stamped money” coins in his/her savings book when objectives are met.

If your child demonstrates positive behavior, he/she will be rewarded by earning points on their avatar in the “Class Dojo”.  If your child breaks a rule, he/she will lose a point, and if a rule(s) is broken multiple times, he/she will receive zero and/or negative points for the day.  The Class Dojo results will have a running record.  At the end of each week, the total number of points equates to how much money the student will earn in their savings book.  If your child is on “red” for the day, he/she will need to fill out a report paper describing their behavior, and what he/she will do to change that behavior in the future.  The paper will be brought home for you to sign and should be returned to school the following day. 

Each child’s objective is to earn as many points as possible.  Students are given an opportunity to visit the class store a couple of times each month.    The children can spend their money at the class store or continue to save their money and buy a bigger “reward” at a later date.   Your child can also receive “money” for good citizenship, willingness to try, and excellent work.  So, there are various ways your child can earn money.  This will be explained in more detail at Back-to-School Night and you will be able to see what items are available for your child to buy at the store.

I will provide you with a passcode to log on to ClassDojo in my welcome letter that will be mailed on  August 26th. The ClassDojo App will allow you to be informed of important class information as well as your child’s daily behavior record in class.