Morning Meeting- Students gather on the carpet and sign in on the Smart board.  We then choose a helper for the day.  The helper then helps discuss what we are going to be doing for the day and will get to bring in the Show and Share box on Friday.

Small Group- Students will be split into 3 groups and will work on an individial skill that day.  Students will work on one skill a day and rotate the next day to the next skill.

Circle- students return to the rug and go over the calendar, weather, pledge, read a story, and sing a few songs related to the topic they are learning.

Snack- students are encouraged to socialize with peers and further develop their language development..

Music and Movement-  students will be able to get some energy out and learn some new new songs and movements.

Free Choice (Centers)- at this time students are able to work in many different learning areas of the classroom.  They are also working on skills such as sharing, language, social/emotional, as well as fine motor, pre-reding and writing skills, and math.


Routine and consistency is very important in the preschool classroom.  Below I have given an overview of what a typical day is like in your preschooler's classroom.

-Unpack and sign-in. Students locate their name and are practicing name recognition, proper holding of writing utensil, and beginning to format letters.

Circle-  during this time students are learning months of the year and counting by rote with one-to-one correspondence.  Days of the week, letter of the week along with sound it makes and words that begin with that letter, and the pledge of allegiance.  We are using the Reading Street program at this time as well.  Each week students are given a story chart that goes along with the story we are reading and students are learning new words as well as practicing a song that goes along with the story.

Centers-  students work in small groups containing two to three children per group.  Centers are made up of math, pre-reading,and writing. While working in these centers, children are working on many different learning skills.  During math students are working on sorting, counting, matching, and number recognition.  Pre-reading and writing students are working on fine motor, letter recognition, formatting letters, forming words, letter sounds, and handwriting skills.  They are also using their problem solving skills.  Throughout all of these centers students are using their language to better format their words and to build their vocabulary.  Throughout the day students are building their language in all they do.

Literacy- Using the Reading Street Program, students are learning pre-reading and writing skills.  We are working on puncuation, rhyming, syllables, and other skills. 

Science, Social Studies, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Music/Movement- One day a week one of these academic areas are being taught. This is taught as a whole group activity so that all students are working together.